Sunday, 26 July 2015

Blog Closing!

Hi guys! I'm sure you will have all noticed that I've not been updating very often on here lately. Well, that's because I have decided to close down Broke Student Fashion and begin a new lifestyle-focused blog over at Strange and Wonderful Being. 

There's a lot of reasons for this, but mainly I just feel as if I've somewhat outgrown this blog and it's content focus. I didn't feel that it was fair to my current readers to entirely change everything about it, so if any of you are interested in following me over to my new lifestyle focused blog I would really appreciate it. I'm also starting up an online Zine, more details of which will be shared over on my new platform as well as my regular social media. 

I'm so grateful to everybody who's read this blog and followed me along the years, and I hope many of you will continue to stick along as I grow and develop my content :) 

- Goodbye! XOX