Friday, 3 April 2015

April Goals

Spring time! Easter time! Bank holiday weekend! Marginally less rain outside! What's not to love about April? It got to TWELVE degrees outside yesterday, like seriously. That's an event in the north. March was a great month for me overall, except health-wise, which is why I haven't been around as much. Still, i'm plodding on, and hoping to start thriving rather than just surviving sooner rather than later with some new tablets and a couple of upcoming hospital appointments. I had a great time on my spa weekend, did some good deeds for Lent, planted some lovely things in the garden, and tried my best to keep in touch with friends and family far and wide, although I could have done a little better in that probably. This month? I'm storming ahead. 

  • TREAT - I'm going on a trip to London this month! I'll be watching Les Miserables at the west end, meeting up with a friend and doing some touristy type things. I want to eat great food and enjoy being with friends and family in a really cool city that I hardly ever get to visit. So excited.
  • CRAFT - I've been seeeriously neglecting my crafting lately, but I'm aiming to get back into it soon. I want a knitted patchwork blanket by next winter if it kills me, and I've got an overflowing basket upstairs of clothes that need sewing or mending in one way or another. It's as good a way to spend a lazy evening as any, and since I can do most of it while watching Netflix I've got no excuse really. 
  • FAMILY - I'm visiting my family not once but twice this month, just because, and they're hopefully coming down to see me as well. Easter in my home was always a time for new clothes, chocolate, and a whole weekend spent with loved ones, and i'm glad to be able to keep that up this year. 
  • SAVE - This is a less fun one, but a necessary one. I've been lucky enough to receive a small raise at work and a bonus lately and I'm so grateful for it, but i'm trying to put as much as I can away for when we might need it most. Supporting yourself is hard but it gets so much harder when you get down to nothing and realise you've nowhere else to turn, so i'm trying my best to build a solid foundation. 
I've got high hopes for April, readers, so it better not let me down. Me and my kitten are spending today cuddling and tidying up, before I meet up with my partner later for a bit of shopping and a walk around town. Hope you're all having great days and great months so far, and best wishes for the next four weeks!

- Natalie XOX