Wednesday, 4 February 2015

What I Wore: Winter Woods Style

Duffle Coat - New Look, Circle Scarf - Primark, Gloves - White Stuff
I am not a massive fan of winter. It's cold, it's icy, and it snows a lot, which as we all surely know about me by now, is my least favourite thing ever. What I do love though, is winter fashion. Cosy layers, scarfs, cute gloves, wool and faux fur everywhere - as much as it's annoying to have to remove 1 billion layers every time I go indoors, you have to admit, it's a cute time for layering. So when my good friend Leigh-Anne of Leigh-Anne Peach Photography (flickr - twitter - facebook) asked me to trek up to the local woods and help her out with some photography practice, I jumped at the idea. I'm still very much a beginner at the whole photography thing, so when I have somebody as awesome as her willing to help me out with some outfit photos, I can't really say no. Yay for artistic friends!

Skinny Jeans - Forever 21, Ankle Boots - Primark, Tweed Blazer - Next

 We took a nice long walk through a local park that borders onto some woods, and went on a little adventure. It was really cold, like really cold, and I very much enjoyed snuggling into my scarf. I love these jeans, they're just the right amount of worn in and they fit really nicely. The sparkly tweed blazer is originally from Next, but was actually found in a charity shop for £2, and these darling little ankle boots were a gift from my grandparents and are from Primark, I wear them a lot, as they are both waterproof, and cute, and that's all I really need from my day-to-day shoes in life to be honest. They were probably not the best idea for trying to balance walk on this random little wall though, in hindsight. Getting over that little stream in the background though to reach an interesting looking tree - A+. As you can probably tell by my crazy hair here, it got a little windy!

Makeup - Avon / Rimmel / Soap & Glory / E.L.F / Sleek

I figured a Sunday afternoon stroll in the park called for fairly neutral makeup, so I kept things simple with just a touch of eyeliner and neutral colours. This is actually the Avon Glimmersticks Eyeliner that I last spoke about in this post, and honestly, my opinion remains more or less the same. It's gorgeously dark and creamy, but just a little too soft and difficult to apply. Maybe there's a knack to it that I just don't have, but I'm not convinced. 

For my lips I decided on Soap and Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme-Plump, in the colour Pink Out Loud. It tingles and plumps and is a really good neutral colour, and it's great to just throw on in a hurry. 

'Hey go stand by that Birch and act like you just saw a cool looking cat across the stream'
'...What's a birch again?'

I'm not really one for nature in general (total city girl, through and through I'm afraid!) but it was a really gorgeous day and I'm really happy with how these outfit photos turned out. I only hope that Leigh-Anne managed to get some decent shots without me being dumb in... 

The rare photographer is captured in their natural habitat

I hope you enjoyed this post - I'm really going to put more effort into my blog photography this year, so I would love some feedback on this post if you fancied leaving me some below. Do you typically like to see OOTD photos/posts? Hope you're having a wonderful day whatever you're doing!

- Natalie XOX