Wednesday, 25 February 2015

New Look SS15 Collection

I confess - the bus stop I wait at every morning is stationed right outside a massive New Look store, and their changing window displays have been my main morning entertainment for the last few weeks. Today I thought I would share with you my picks of the new arrivals, and talk a little about the trends I have my own eye on this Spring. 


Whatever you want to call them, tunics, smocks, pinafores, these loose fitting minidresses are everywhere at the moment and New Look has an especially nice collection. These are so easy to throw on with a jacket, tights and ankle boots, and I always feel very 60's in them, especially paired with flicky eyeliner and fluffy hair. 

Monochrome Silhouettes 

Question - if a blazer has no collar or sleeves, is it still a blazer? Apparently so, and it's not even the most unique silhouette I saw in the new collection. Lots of cut out shapes and unexpectedly high necklines paired with slashed skirts, asymetric hems and geometric shapes, it's all quite edgy and 'fashiony' and I kind of love it to be honest. 

Unexpected Tailoring

 Now I say unexpected because blazers, skirts, pants, you expected those things to have neat and clean lines and lovely pressed seams. T-shirts and jeans and loose cotton dresses though, tend to be a bit rougher around the edges and rightly so, but more and more this season i'm seeing t-shirts finished off with gorgeously clean bias binding, neat half-sleeves and smooth cap sleeves and it's just so satisfying and tidy. 

Blocky Platforms

Hell. Yes. The 'flatform' may be often berated as an ugly shoe, but as an unusually small person with bad legs, they are my favourite type of shoe to wear when I need to pretend to be taller, and wedge heels platforms are equally amazing in my book. How good would those pink nude ones look with some white shorts and a sleeveless top? God, warm weather needs to hurry itself up and arrive already. 

Hope you enjoyed this and I'll see you all again soon! 

- Natalie XOX