Saturday, 14 February 2015

Always The Bridesmaid: Eva Franco for

I have to admit - I may only be 21, but I'm beginning to feel so old lately. Already in 2015 three people I know have gotten engaged or married, and with valentines fast approaching there's bound to be some more cropping up! Last week one of my oldest friends got engaged to her long-term boyfriend, and we got to talking about wedding fashions and in particular, the difficulties of satisfying everybody whilst sticking to your own preferences and likes as well. I have been to several weddings, both traditional and less so, and between colour schemes, weather, differently aged bridesmaids, and a million other factors, I don't know how anybody manages to do it without their heads exploding every which way. So when I was contacted last week to help with the launch of a new line of bridesmaid dresses, it seemed perfect timing to talk about a subject that was already on my mind. 

The summery light colours and the frankly GORGEOUS textures this collection has going on make it perfect for a summery wedding or special event, with a particularly refreshing use of crochet patterns and heavy embroidery and lace, which I think gives it a really vintage and classic feel. I especially liked the Jax and Paloma dress, above left, which is just so modern and different with the white colour and separates. It's everything a traditional bridesmaid dress isn't, and I love it.  

The thing I loved most about this collection upon seeing it though, was the attention to detail. Not only in the beautiful patterns and embroidery, but in the thoughtfulness of designing multiple dresses in the same patterns and colours with different styles and cuts. If I were to get married tomorrow, the girls I would pick to be in my wedding party all have wildly different preferences on how they like to dress - one prefers to have sleeves, one lives in jeans and hasn't worn a skirt in many years, one hates high necklines with a passion, another likes structured fabrics and short hemlines - you see the problem really. Trying to force four or five of your best friends into completely identical dresses is probably always going to end in tears for somebody really, so the option to have variants that still match beautifully is just perfect. Because yes, it's your day and all, but I can't imagine being happy and having a good day knowing that someone close to be is uncomfortable or unhappy with what I've asked them to wear. 

I also love the fact that modern bridesmaid dresses are so re-wearable. It's a lot more palatable I think, in a day and age where many bridesmaids are being asked to contribute to buying their own dresses, when the garment in question is stylish and pretty enough to be worn again and again for other special occasions. I would be 100% happy to wear any of the dresses in this collection for a summer party, graduation, day at the races, or a whole host of other events, and if I were lucky enough to be a bridesmaid for someone again I would be overjoyed to be wearing something as beautiful as the Eva collection. 

I am really excited to see my friends planning their upcoming weddings. If/when I get married, I'm hoping for a fairly low-key affair with supernaturally perfect weather, a gorgeous location, a dress I can walk in, an awful lot of wine and cake, and hopefully, enough matching outfits and pretty colour scheme that my grandparents won't just tut the entire time. Stylish and modern collections like the Eva Franco collection for certainly make that a little bit easier. 

- Natalie XOX

(I was asked to write this post as part of a new fashion launch but did not receive any compensation for it, financial or otherwise. As always, all opinions expressed are my own)