Thursday, 15 January 2015

What I Wore: Winter Office Monochrome

Skirt - Boohoo, Vest top - New Look, Tights - Primark,
Shoes - New Look, Necklace - Silverado

Who’s gonna hire you with your lack of experience,
Who’s gonna wire you, the last of your inheritance?

Hey guys! How is your January going so far? I can't believe we're almost halfway through already, it's gone by so quickly. I'm not enjoying the horribly cold and windy weather we've been getting up north lately, but I am enjoying getting back into a routine and catching back up with life a little after the lull of the holidays. Plus, finishing off all of the leftover Christmas chocolate and wine of course. 

This week I've been making the most of being back in the daily routine by allowing myself to enjoy getting dressed up smart for work. It's been FOREVER since I did a 'What I Wore' post, hasn't it? I was very good in the sales (although I think my poor post-Christmas bank balance played a large part in that!) and managed to pick up one or two key bargains that I really love. 

Although I'm lucky enough to work somewhere with a nice relaxed smart-casual dress policy and a warm, indoor office, I do find it quite difficult figuring out what to wear for work. Swinging between too relaxed and too formal is very easy, and to make things even harder, I commute by bus. 

Yeah, that's right.  I literally work for a company that sells and manages cars, and I can't drive. Laugh it up, everyone else does. My morning commute isn't too bad, but it does involve two buses and a walk through a park which as you can imagine is super fun in January. So while everyone else at work steps neatly out of their cars with beautifully coiffed hair and heels on, I usually fall through the door with about twenty layers of clothing, walking boots and my hair looking like it's never seen a brush in its life. Super attractive. These photos are obviously POST de-layering...

Coping strategies are therefore in order. Lots of thin, easily removed layers for quickly adjusting from the freezing outdoors to the near tropical temperatures of my little office. Leather ankle boots that look cute, but also keep out snow. Tights. TIGHTS FOREVER. A brush stowed under my desk, along with emergency mascara, deodorant and spare heels for the mornings that have truly defeated me. Bobbles and hairpins galore. Because don't get me wrong, I am absolutely thrilled to have a job where I can wear what I like and feel good and confident as I do so. I've previously worked in a lot of jobs that had uniforms, of one sort or another, and it's really freeing to be able to express myself through how I dress again. 

Today I fell in love with this skirt. This is the Natalia skirt from Boohoo, a knitted dogtooth patterned skirt which is currently an absolute steal at £8 in the sale. It's comfy, warm and looks amazing with tights, a vest top and a blazer, but casual enough once the blazer is off to be suitable for after-work shenanigans. It's amazing and I sort of wish they did it in every pattern and colour. 

The title of this post is perhaps somewhat misleading. Yes, I'm mostly in monochrome today, but with hints of navy blue everywhere. I don't know what it is about wearing black and navy together that makes me feel so damn stylish, but it just does. So my blue suede shoes (ah huh) and I get on very well, especially as they're so damn comfortable. They were a gift from my mam ages ago, but I do know they're from New Look, which doesn't surprise me. My favourite shoes always turn out to be from New Look. 

Opi 'Muppets World Tour' layered over Opi 'Miss Piggy's Big Number'

I've had a pretty great two weeks back at work actually. Four months in and I'm no longer in my probationary period, and really starting to feel settled now. I'm gaining confidence in my abilities and my industry knowledge, and really enjoying working alongside some really great people. I'm not really the new girl anymore though... I suppose this means I need to start learning people's names properly! Eeek. I am really bad at names. 

Hope you're all having a brilliant week even and enjoying January so far, even in amongst all the gloomy weather and post-Christmas malaise. What do you think of this skirt? Are you fearful of the midi, or do you think it's a feasible alternative to the traditional pencil skirt? However you're spending your week and whatever you've been wearing, I want to hear about it, so drop me a note in the comments below and I'll see you all soon! 

- Natalie XOXO

My favourite outtake - my girl just wanted cuddles ❤ ❤ ❤