Monday, 5 January 2015

January Goals

It probably seems a little strange to follow up a post on how I'm ditching the New Year's resolutions this year immediately with one on my goals for the month ahead, but hey - that's just how I roll. December was, as predicted, a heinously busy month, that I still managed to enjoy very much indeed. I experienced some more new things including cooking Christmas dinner for the first time on my own, gave and received a lot of presents and love when visiting my family back in Newcastle, indulged in a LOT of chocolate, blankets and Netflix in my two weeks off work, and very much enjoyed using some face masks I'd saved up and taking more long baths than usual. The holiday season well and truly sucked me into it's magic this year, and I loved every moment of it.

But now all of a sudden, it's back to normal. Back to work, responsibilities, bills, early morning meetings, taking the cat to the vets, and on top of it all, everyone is extra grumpy because it's cold and they feel fatter than they did three weeks ago. Fun times! With that in mind, these are my goals for the month ahead....

  • HEALTH - For various reasons, my health has been getting a little worse lately than usual, I've got a number of hospital and doctors visits coming up in the next few weeks to see about changing some medications and such, but there are some things I can do on my own too. I'm being dragged, kicking and screaming, away from caffeinated drinks, and i'm making it a personal goal to drink no more than one cup of caffeinated tea per day. Sighs. It's for my own good, but it's seriously un-fun. 
  • EXPERIMENT - I've mostly stayed away from the January sales, but Boohoo and New Look managed to suck me in, and I still have some high street vouchers to spend as well. I'm lucky enough to work 5 days a week at a place where I have quite a lot of freedom in what I wear, and yet I tend to stick to the standard boots / black trousers / sensible top combo a lot. I'm going to branch out - more dresses! More heels! More accessories! More colours that aren't black! 
  • DANCE - I've been wanting a proper night out dancing and enjoying myself with friends for so long now, and health permitting, I am definitely getting this together sometime in January. Some of my friends from University might be visiting this month, so that'll be a great excuse I think.
  • OVERHAUL - There are SO many things I want to do this month in terms of my house. My grandparents very kindly bought us a new daybed over Christmas for the second bedroom, I was gifted a gorgeous pair of Laura Ashley lamps that are screaming out for a proper place, and now that the Christmas decorations are all down, I'm itching to reorganise and spruce up things a bit. 

How are you feeling about the month ahead? Are you going to be focusing on your yearly resolutions? Are you glad to be heading back to work/school/college, or pining for the lazy days of Christmas to be back again? Let me know below! 

- Natalie XOX