Monday, 22 December 2014

Holiday Sparkle and Shine with Avon

Hello all! This post is a little later than I anticipated, but it's been a very busy few days. This past weekend my partner and I traveled up to Newcastle upon Tyne to spend some time with both of our families before Christmas. Since we're both working full time and have to be back at work between Christmas and New Year, we're spending our first Christmas ever with just the two of us at home (plus a few friends and well-wishers here and there, of course!). It was really nice to spend time with family, swap some early presents and enjoy a few days away from work and stress. We even managed to fit in seeing The Hobbit, which was brilliant!

I received some lovely early make-up presents from my partner's mam, so I thought I would put together a look worthy of this oh-so shiny and sparkly time of year. All of the products I used were from Avon, except my foundation, one of the eye-shadows and my mascara (which are, slightly predictably, from Max Factor. Don't you know me at all by now??).

Sparkly jumper from Primark / Earrings from New Look

I don't own a lot of products from Avon and I think they can be a little hit and miss, but I absolutely loved the ones I used here! Easily my favourite was the Ideal Luminous Blush, which I found lovely to apply and gave a really soft, gentle colour. I don't wear blush a lot as it can easily be overpowering on my pale skin, but this one is definitely going into my everyday makeup bag. Another star was the Supershock Double Ended Eyeshadow Pencil, in Chocolate Melt & Cream Dream. I used the light side to highlight my inner eye corner and brow bone and the darker side to blend into my crease, before topping it all off with a dusting of Max Factor Wild Shadow Pot in special edition colour Gold Amazon. I got this eyeshadow in the Max Factor 'All That Glitters' free gift deal that's been on at Boots for a while now, and it was so worth it. It's a really luxurious formula that manages to be sparkly without having a lot of fall out or being too in your face - fantastic to wear, and it went really nicely with the Avon cream shadows. 

 A girl can dream...

One of the products I am still in two minds about though. The Glimmersticks Eyeliner, as you can see, gives a really dark, true black colour that is creamy and difficult to budge once on. I found it difficult to apply though, as the stick itself is quite thick and soft and tends to drag a little when trying to get a straight line. It took me a few tries to really get the hang of, and I still think I would never try to wear it if I was in a hurry (which unfortunately for me is most of the time!). Still, it's a lovely dark black and great for a special occasion look.

I also quite like my hair for this look, which was quite an accident! My sister wanted to try out her hot rollers on my already wavy hair, and I ended up with quite a wild blow out, which calmed down a little after a few hours into what you see above.

Cutest kitties! My mam's new kitten Lilly on the left, and my boyfriend's grumpy old man cat Oreo on the right. I got lots of cat cuddles this weekend. 

Overall, I think I'm definitely going to be looking around for a few more good Avon products in 2015. They're very reasonably priced, and although their quality does vary, when they're good they are very good, so that'll do for me. 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! How do you like the look above? Do you like Avon products, or are they not for you? Let me know below! 

- Natalie XOXO