Monday, 3 November 2014

November Goals

Okay, hands up - who still can't quite believe that we're officially in November already? This year has gone by so fast, and July is already seeming like a far off memory. Hell, October is too at this rate. 

It might be because my October was just so full of stuff. I started a new job, had to deal with some health issues, and spent quite a bit of time helping a friend through a crisis, which involved her coming to stay for a few weeks. My partner also started a new job, and I'm honestly starting to feel like the last time I really sat down and relaxed was somewhere around mid-August. So with that in mind, I've got some goals for this month that I'd really like to try and achieve: 

  • RELAX - I need time to recharge. Sitting at home on the sofa with a fluffy blanket, a kitten and a cuppa is probably one of life's greatest pleasures in my opinion, so i'm damn well going to make more time for this. 
  • CREATE - I've been seriously neglecting at least three different craft projects since about June. Whoops? This month I'm going to pick up my knitting again for my patchwork blanket project, and hopefully complete my framing and decorating for the gallery wall i'm hoping to put up in our living room. 
  • COMMUNICATE - I am terrible at reaching out to people. I need to learn when to ask for help, when to say no, and when to just sit down and let somebody know that I need something from them. 
  • PREPARE - You know what November means. It's almost Christmas! I'm going to be buying and making decorations, planning Christmas baking, eyeing up advent calendars and Christmas markets, and just generally getting into the spirit of things. 
  • READ - This is a bit more specific - I'm currently re-reading the ASOIAF series, and I'd really like to finish the book I'm currently on before December. I also want to start reading Les Miserables, as I bought it over a month ago and just haven't got around to it yet!

Has November crept up on you too? What are your hopes and goals for the month ahead? I'm thinking of making these monthly goal posts a regular thing, so if you liked it or think it could be better, please let me know below!

- Natalie XOXO