Friday, 7 November 2014

New Look Winter Collection 2014 - Top Picks

Hey all! It's been a while since I did a post that was 100% fashion focused, sorry about that. I was in the always trusty New Look the other day and they have some great new stuff in for Autumn/Winter. It's probably not all new really, but hey, I don't get out much! Working 9-5 has it's major downsides in terms of quality shopping time, and every weekend I've had off lately has been devoted to getting on top of writing, family time and exploring some cool local places. Anyway, I digress. This is just a collection of some pieces that I'm looking forward to getting my hands on:

Black Bardot Neck 1/2 Sleeve Top - £12.99
I am ALL about the Bardot Neck top. I quite like my shoulders and neck, so I'm thrilled that this top has such a nice flattering cut whilst still being work appropriate, especially with a bright coloured vest top underneath with wide straps.

Tenki Burgundy Bird Print Tunic Dress - £28.00
 This is so cute! It comes in red and blue, and I really like the delicate print. Also, in case you can't tell I'm rather into the whole 3/4 sleeve thing. They're just really nice, and great for days when it's kind of chilly but not cold enough indoors for a full sleeve.

Black I'm So Fancy Top - £7.99
I should really preface this by saying I am not a fan of Iggy Azalea, or her somewhat problematic opinions and lyrics, but damn if this song isn't the catchiest thing I've ever heard. Even just seeing this top got it stuck in my head again, so I think this is a great investment for me. Yep. I don't even care.

Black Jacquard Aztec Print Mini Skirt - £19.99
This is a very strangely named skirt, but I really like it anyway. Patterned, tailored mini skirts are so easy to wear, just thrown on with a blouse and some tights and it looks so put together. This is such a cute pattern as well, with the royal blue really making it pop. 

Black On Wednesdays We Wear Pink Top - £9.99
I don't know what I like more about this - the mean girls reference, or the fact that I would mostly only ever be wearing it on casual fridays or the weekend. Either way, I need it and I need it like yesterday, in a completely non-ironic way. 

Silver Diamante Caged Heels - £27.99
These are so perfect and I am torn between being super annoyed that they weren't around three months ago when I wanted small silver heels for my graduation ceremony. Still, I have completely got my eye on these for the Christmas party. What do you mean, do I have a dress yet? Of course I don't. It's perfectly normal to have shoes chosen out before the rest of an outfit, right?

Do you have any items that you've got your eye on lately, from New Look or otherwise? What has everybody been up to this week so far? Let me know below!

- Natalie XOXO