Friday, 26 September 2014

Life with Arya

If you follow me on instagram or twitter, you'll probably have seen lately that my partner and I have adopted a kitten! Her name is Arya and she's 9 weeks old, and her interests include chasing conkers around the kitchen floor, licking people's noses when they're not expecting it, and climbing the curtains. She definitely gives her adventurous Game of Thrones namesake a run for her money with the amount of exploring and mischief she gets up to. I'm in love. 

Oh right, and her ears are enormous. Honestly, it was a toss up between 'Arya' or 'Dumbo' ;)
One thing I've learned since getting her though, is as much as I love having her around, she really makes a difference to my daily routine. Here are just some of the differences I've noticed...

BA (‘Before Arya’)

Waking Up – Being awoken nice and gently by the alarm on my phone, checking my emails in bed, before getting up, putting my slippers on and heading into the bathroom.
Waking Up – Being licked on the eye by a hungry kitten who has decided I’ve slept long enough and it’s now feeding time, as well as deciding that my slippers are the most fun toy ever.  
Getting Washed – Closing the bathroom door, running the sink taps and choosing a product or two to use in order to wake up fully and get clean for the day ahead.
Getting Washed – closing the bathroom door for three seconds before the kitten wants to know why she’s not allowed in, then letting her in just so she can fall into the sink and get wet, then cry about being wet.
Putting on Clothes – Selecting appropriate clothes for the work or leisure day, not taking any notice of what sort of fastenings or dangly bits they have.
Putting on Clothes – Trying to convince the kitten that zips, laces, buttons, jangly earrings and feathers are not toys, no matter how much they might sound and look like them.
Getting home from work – Checking emails, watching some TV, making dinner, maybe chilling out with a movie and some snacks.
Getting home from work - Greeted by the most excited, loving ball of fluff ever, 100% ready to cuddle massively and play after spending most of the day with John and/or sleeping.
Shopping – Looking for essentials for the house, shopping around for little bits and pieces that I want or John wants, occasionally indulging in something nice for myself.
Shopping – ‘Oh wouldn’t she love that toy?’ ‘We have to get this scratching post’ ‘Don’t you think she needs a new collar? It’d look so pretty’ ‘Maybe she needs teething toys?’

She's a pain sometimes, but she's our pain, and I'm so excited we have her. We are both such cat people, and it's nice to have one around the house again after several years with no pets. She's really helped us feel like our new house is more of a home.

- Natalie XOX