Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Guest Blogger: Perfect Wedding Guest Outfits

 Hey guys! Last week I was contacted by Ann Harris, who blogs at BeautyMakeupOnline, who asked if I was interested in her writing a guest post for me. I, of course, said yes, and today she has written a little for us on some tips for choosing the best outfit when attending a wedding, something that can often be difficult to get exactly right. I apologise for my recent absence, I recently got a new job and have been quite busy lately, but I will hopefully be around quite a bit more from now!

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Perfect Wedding Guest Outfits

The great thing about going to a wedding as a guest is not having the direct responsibility for anything. Being a wedding invitee can be compared to being a grandchild - you can do almost whatever you want! And you know still that people around you will take care that you are having a good time during the reception.

However relaxed the participation in a wedding can be, it is still important that you dress up nicely, even if you do not practice that in your everyday life. It is true that you do not have to wear a tuxedo and overshadow the groom, but some degree of an elegant outfit is necessary. It is not because of you, but by wearing nice clothes, you express your respect for the people who have invited you. That is why you should go and look for the most appropriate outfit for their special day.

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For Her

As it usually is the case when it comes to clothes, women have more difficulties in finding the perfect outfit for weddings. While the range from which to choose clothes from is quite wider than the men’s, the pressure on them is usually also higher. Nevertheless, some combinations are always acceptable.

Colors of spring

When choosing colors and matching colors, it goes without saying that bright colors of spring are always fashionable. If you are not a bride, then you can be elegant and noticeable in many ways; you do not have to stick to any conventional combinations. A light green bolero on a champagne white dress would make a perfect combination for any time of the year. If the weather is cold or snowy, an overcoat is also a possibility.

Only comfortable shoes

Attending a wedding reception means that you are going to dance a lot and, what is more, you are going to spend most of the day on your feet. In order to avoid terrible post-wedding blisters, you should always go for comfortable clothes. If you know that your feet do not react well to high heels, leave them out. Flat shoes can also look very elegant, and they can be adorned with a brooch or glittering tinsel bits.

Ready for the photo session?

Although you are not the bride, you also need to take care for the photo part of the wedding. You are going to receive or buy photos with you in them and you want to look great on them. So, makeup is another important feature when going to a wedding. While putting on makeup for everyday activities can be done by your own hand, going to a wedding requires a little bit more skill and style, which is why you could think about visiting a pro makeup stylist. The outfit is also important because of the photographs from the wedding. The already mentioned colors of spring would suit perfectly almost any photo session.

Just because it's a special day, it doesn't guarantee special weather!
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Being a man does bring several advantages, and one of them is definitely the outfit-choosing process for any occasion. The array from they can choose is narrower, which leaves them condemned to a fast and purposeful purchase.

Simple but elegant

When you are only a guest at a wedding, do not go for spectacular suits. The best way is staying in the boundaries of a classical suit style. An ordinary black or dark suit is appropriate for every occasion and for every culture. No matter where your ceremony is taking place, dark shades will give you the look of seriousness. Also, it will be clear that you are paying respect to the wedded couple.
What is more, in photos elegant suits look better than casual everyday combinations. You can be photographed at a wedding ceremony in Helsinki, at temperatures well below zero or take part in a wedding photography in Melbourne, at the shore of the ocean, and the effect will be the same - a dark suit always looks elegant.

Footwear for the occasion

Although it has become fashionable that men wear cool sneakers in combination with suits, it is not recommendable for weddings. While it could look fine for a night out, at formal weddings that foot outfit might look ridiculous and pretentious. So, stick to traditional footwear for wedding receptions and keep your look elegant from your head to your sole.