Monday, 4 August 2014

What I Wore: Graduation 2014 & Why I'll Never Regret University

Me and one of my besties Hayleigh, who was the first person I ever spoke to at University! We lived together in first year and have been good friends ever since. 

Yep, the day finally arrived... last month on the 18th July 2014 I finished University and after three long years, graduated! 

I wonder if I need to change my blog title now. I considered it, but in all honesty, I still feel like a student even though I haven't been for a good few months now for all intents and purposes. I still want to learn, I still keep up with the academic journals in my field, and I have every intention of going back to University in a few years time to get further qualifications and join the academic community full time. You never stop learning really!

But anyhow, onto Graduation day itself. It was a really nice day thankfully, and it was lovely to see everybody looking so nice and smart. I wore a blue, black and white shift dress from Dorothy Perkins, with black heels and my birthday jewellery from my boyfriend. We were an afternoon ceremony, so we went to get photos and official things done in the morning and then out for dinner with our families in the evening. 

Click for larger - and yes, I did make my boyfriend wear a tie that matched the colours of my dress. I think he looked amazing!

I kept my makeup simple, going for a neutral look and curled my hair with rags and large barreled tongs to give it a beachy waves kind of look. I saw some amazing dresses and looks, and I love how people interpreted the black tie/business dress code in so many various ways, from summery dresses to party dresses to more traditional work wear. 

With two of my favourite girls: Leigh-Anne, of Leigh-Anne Peach Photography and Faith, of WithLoveFromOpal
I spotted an awful lot of beautiful dresses and suits from a lot of high street shops, which have been especially great this year. I was spoilt for choice shopping for mine, and shops such as Next, New Look and Debenhams were particularly great in providing a selection of pretty yet classy dresses for a formal occasion such as this.

With mine and John's families. We're both the first in our families to go to University, so it was a completely new experience for everybody involved!

I'm going to miss everybody so much - I loved being a student. It wasn't really about the academic side in the end, although I did love that too. I gained so much self-confidence and had so many new and exciting experiences, as well as finding a job that I really enjoyed and excelled at alongside my studies. Even if I end up in a completely unrelated job, or one which doesn't require a degree to do, I will never regret my time spent at the University of Hull.