Monday, 2 June 2014

What I Wore: End-of-Year Ball Style & Makeup

Hi guys! Last week I had my final exam of my final year of university, meaning that I am now officially finished with my Undergraduate degree until Graduation in July. I am very glad to be finished, not only because it was very difficult, but also because this means I get to start celebrating things! Friday just gone was the date of our campus end of year ball, held in a beautiful local hotel. We had an amazing three course meal, a live band, a DJ and dance-floor and a photo booth complete with silly props and professional lighting. I thought I would share some of the photos from the night with you, as well as talk a little about what I chose to wear. 

Above is my boyfriend and I taking one of the only sensible photos we managed to get in the photobooth! I wore my hair up, in a simple twisted style that I did myself, complete with faux pearl beads around the bun to decorate it and keep the pins in place. 

With my beautiful friend Faith in the fanciest bathroom I've ever seen!

I chose to wear a knee-length purple satin dress with a small peplum detail and silver and glass beading at the top. I bought it from Primark (!) about a year ago on sale for about £15, which was a great bargain. I really liked it, it was dressy enough to look really smart while also allowing me to dance and move about easily. I paired it with black suede shoes with a wedge heel and criss-crossing straps from New Look. 

Comparing mascaras with Faith - she likes Le Volume de Chanel, I love Soap and Glory Thick & Fast!
I kept my makeup fairly simple, focusing mostly on my eyes and skin. I matched my dress to my eyes with a sparkly silver look, created with lots of black mascara and some loose silver eye glitter that I purchased from, which stayed in place nicely all night. I also used highlighter and concealer, both from my recent e.l.f haul, to attempt to recreate a flawless but glowing complexion. I have to say, both the highlighter and concealer worked beautifully and I am very impressed with their quality. I had purple false nails from the drugstore, but unfortunately I didn't apply them with enough care and had to remove them halfway through the night. I think I'll go for professionally applied ones next time. 

With our funky glasses in the photobooth

Probably the silliest - and my favourite - shot of the whole night! 

Overall I had a great time and really enjoyed spending some time with the friends i've made over my three years here. Are you having proms or end of year balls soon? What will you be wearing? Let me know below! 

- Natalie XOX