Monday, 16 June 2014

Life Update + Summer Default Outfits

Hey guys! I'm so sorry i've been away lately. We've been house-hunting mostly, which has taken up a lot of time and effort, but things are starting to settle down a bit now so i'll be around much more hopefully. I've been working lately too, the above photo was one I took at Whitby Abbey earlier this week whilst on a trip with a school group, it was such a gorgeous day.

Other exciting things to happen in my life lately include my little sister finishing school and getting all dressed up for her Prom (sobs I'm so old), me booking my first ever tattoo to take place in a few weeks time (eek!), deciding to take the plunge and officially list myself as a freelance writer and content editor on my CV / Facebook (currently working from Fiverr if anybody is interested), watching a lot of Netflix (Orange is the New Black! Buffy the Vampire Slayer re-watch! Firefly!) and starting work on a homemade knitted patchwork blanket that i'm hoping to have finished by this winter. As you can see, life is just so terribly thrilling right now that I'm done with University.

2 squares down, only 58 to go! I'll be lucky to be done by Christmas at this rate...
So, as the first photo in this post probably tells you, the last few weeks here have brought with them some great weather. It's been sunny, but also pretty humid and sticky most days, and it's lead me to wonder - do you have a 'default' summer outfit? You know, when you wake up and it's bright and sunny and warm and you aren't going anywhere especially nice, so you throw together a standard set of things and head out, knowing that your tried-and-tested look will look awesome. I have a couple of outfits that I've found myself reaching for again and again, switching up t-shirts and shoes and bags to keep them fresh and new looking. They tend to be a variation on one of the following:

  • 3/4 length or floor length cotton skirt or dress + a long, thin cardigan + flat slip on shoes - This is the ultimate look for me when it's absolutely too hot to want to wear pants but you are going somewhere where short-shorts will probably be frowned upon. It gives amazing sun protection but keeps you cool and breezy, and paired with big sunglasses and a big handbag looks effortlessly put together and fashionable. I am so so into this look this summer! My current favourite is my red, white and blue striped 3/4 dress from Primark, worn with blue shoes and my big blue sunglasses. 

  • High waisted denim shorts + vest top + wedges or sandals - On the other end of the 'oh my god it's so warm but I need to go out and do things' scale, a lazy day at the beach or a BBQ or a casual trip out with friends suits this look perfectly. It's comfy, it's flattering, it's cute and it looks damn good. Just remember to slather on the sun cream - all that exposed skin needs good care taken of it! 

  • Playsuit or cotton dress + ballet pumps + cropped cardigan - A playsuit is just so easy, isn't it? Just throw on and go, already looking amazing with minimal effort. I have a number of light-weight playsuits and dresses that I know I can throw on at a moment's notice and look great in, in a wide range of colours and styles. My favourites tend to be just above the knee in length, with cap or spaghetti strap sleeves and a wide or square neckline. I realise cropped cardigans aren't for everybody, but I love how easily they go with lots of things.

  • Short skirt + long-sleeved top + lace up boots + dangly earrings - For those days when it's sunny outside but you're feeling the need to toughen up your look a bit, I can't get enough of this combo. I can rarely stand a leather jacket in mid-August, but my lace-up boots aren't going anywhere. They can withstand any sudden rain showers easily and are great for those odd days when I just want to feel a bit less floaty and floraly. 

Do you find yourself slipping into a favourite type of outfit as the weather warms up? Do you think it's a good thing to know what you like, or is it more of a rut that you need to get out of? Have you been up to anything nice lately? Let me know below! 

- Natalie XOX