Saturday, 3 May 2014

Spring-Summer Party Dresses

Is it just me, or is anybody else's social calendar filling up very rapidly all of a sudden? Between university graduation, leaving parties, friends getting married, babies getting christened, lots of 21st Birthday's approaching and university work events, I'm starting to wonder whether I actually have enough time in the day to make it to all of these things, let alone enough clothes to wear. So I thought I'd make a few little inspiration boards on my Polyvore for the different types of events I'm going to be attending this Spring/Summer. Hope you enjoy! 

To be honest, living by the beach BBQs are pretty much our standard go-to weekend activity in Summer. But whether you're drinking through a case of Magners with your mates or making small talk with your parents friends over sparkling water and funny tasting salad, a floaty dress and some comfy sandals to match will get you through all of the various BBQ events you can dream of. Keep shoes flat or sturdy wedges to ensure you're comfortable and happy all day, even if you're standing up for long periods. 

I know SO many engaged people right now! Unfortunately I'm not yet one of them ;) but still, wedding season is approaching, and depending on how formal or casual the particular event is going to be, you can really play around with bright prints or classy neutrals. Plus, you know, any excuse to wear a fancy head flower thingy. Fascinator, is that it? Whatever it is, they're very cute indeed. We need to find a lot more reasons to wear those in everyday life.

I've been lucky enough to be nominated for an award by my university regarding the work I do in schools outreach, so I have a fancy award ceremony to attend next week that i'm really looking forward to. Work events can be hard to dress for, because they're generally not super formal, but more so than a night out on the town. My advice is to keep hemlines reasonable and play around with textures and fabrics to create interest whilst still sticking to a relatively calm colour palette. 

My birthday happens to be in July, and although I'm turning 21, I'm unfortunately going to be quite busy that week so i'm not going to be doing too much. Still, i'm going to try and have a good night out with my friends to celebrate. I really like dressy outfits which can go easily straight from a restaurant meal or a cinema date to a bar or nightclub, and I think the outfits above would work for that. Just add a shrug or light jacket and a clutch bag and you're set for the whole night - perfect for when you suspect you might be getting just a tiiiiiiny little bit inebriated. 

I hope you enjoyed these looks! Which ones do you think would suit you best? Do you have upcoming events that you're really looking forward to? Let me know below! 

- Natalie XOX