Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sewing Sunday: Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed...

Hello all! 

I was hoping to have today's post be a finished dress to show you all, but unfortunately my sewing machine keeps jamming on me and I think it needs either deep cleaned, or repaired, neither of which I can get around to doing until next week at the earliest. 

Still, I can give you an updated on what I'm currently working on! I'm making a 60's inspired shift summer dress. It's sleeveless, with a high neckline and a bit of a flare to the bottom. I'm making it in lightweight white cotton with a teeny tiny strawberry print on it (anybody spot the reference in the blog post title haha?), and i'm following my own pattern. The fabric is from a stall in Leeds Indoor Market, and was on sale for £3.50 per meter. 

Adorable, right?
I'm vaguely following a tutorial from SewPetiteGal who makes wonderful clothes and writes really easy to follow instructions. Honestly, if my sewing machine would just work properly, this would have only taken me an hour or two to finish entirely. The pattern is created by tracing around an existing dress shape. I chose a dress I own from Lipsy, which you can kind of see in this photo. 

I love the fit of this dress which is really important to consider in a DIY project like this, and the neckline is high but sits nicely, making it perfect to use. Would you believe this dress only cost me £3 on ebay? I do love a bargain ;) 

The dress is in three parts, very simple and easy to put together. The front is all one piece, cut on the fold of the fabric, and the back is two matching vertical pieces which I'm going to join with a green exposed zipper. I haven't decided how to finish the arm and neck holes yet, but I'm thinking about a green bias tape maybe, to strengthen them and add some extra flexibility to the fairly thin fabric. Hopefully I can get this finished off quite soon, and I'll be sure to share it on here when I do. Thanks for reading! 

- Natalie XOX