Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Quickie Glam: Classic Red Lip and Cat Eye

Hello guys! I've been terribly absent lately I know... I even missed Sewing Sunday this week! I've just been so busy at university since i'm getting to the end of my third year, and therefore have a dissertation to write alongside other assignments and upcoming exams. Posting might be a little sparse this month because of this, but I promise I'll check in when I can and be back in full force in June!

Today I wanted to share one of my favourite makeup looks with you all - a very classic bright red lip, paired with strong brows and a big ol' liquid eyeliner flick. This look is so quick and easy to put together, yet makes you look like you spent forever getting ready and I absolutely love it. Being so pale can make typical neutral makeup a bit risky sometimes, and occasionally I can spend ages faffing about with browns and bronzes and oranges only to realise i've made my eyes look about half as big as they actually are, so this is a great super-glam-but-low-effort look. So, without further ado....

First do your base, whatever that may be, and set with powder. For me today it's my favourite MaxFactor 3 in 1 Facefinity in Light Ivory, set with Natural Collection Pressed Powder. Fill in your eyebrows however you prefer too, and make them as bold as you dare. 

Choose a red lipstick that complements your skin tone - for me that's blue-toned reds, but it may be that you like warmer colours. I'm wearing Salvador Dali's RubyLips which is so cheap but I absolutely love. 

Then grab your eyelash curlers if you use them, and prime your eyelids. Sweep a little neutral eyeshadow over your lid, then work a very faint contour colour into your crease. The idea is to look barely there, not obvious, so blend it out if need be. Then add a little highlight to your brow bone, something lighter than your skin tone and maybe a little shimmery, if that's what you like. And then eyeliner! I'm still absolutely in love with my Be a Bombshell Onyx Eyeliner Pen, it's so easy to control exactly how you want your liner to look. 

Create a medium sized line along your lid, then flick up and out towards your eyebrow. I then go back over the line and fill it in a little more, so the curve upwards isn't so severe and the wing looks neat and pretty. Finish off with a big voluminizing mascara (I'm wearing my trusty Soap and Glory Thick and Fast here). Wiggle the brush into your lid base then sweep up and out, and repeat for big and dramatic lashes. 

And that's it! With practice and steady hand, this look can be started and finished within five minutes, perfect for those times when you need to look awesome and put-together, but in fact have rolled out of bed with fifteen minutes to do everything. For example, here I am pairing it with a whole load of dry shampoo and tousled hair that I accidentally let dry in a plait last night. 

So what do you think of this look? Do you like to go classic and simple with looks like this, or do you add extra things to change it up a bit? Let me know below! 

- Natalie XOX