Sunday, 23 March 2014

Shop My Wardrobe: One Skirt, Three Ways

Hey guys! Today I'm going to show you three different ways I would wear a basic black skater skirt. Mine was £9.99 from H&M but you can pick them up from pretty much everywhere, or if you're feeling crafty, make them really easily with a simple circle mini skirt tutorial, found widely online. I find it a really great basic to have in my wardrobe as it can be adapted really easily for different occasions. Keep reading to see the three different ways I've come up with to style this simple little skirt!

1. Night-Time Drinks

Firstly, I would pair this skirt with a sheer black sleeveless blouse and metallic bag and bracelets for a night out in town. Add black or metallic heels and low bun for a classy, dressy look. I wore this outfit on a girls night out for cocktails late last year and I still love it because it's so easy to dress up or down depending on the type of bar or club you're going to. 

2. Beach Trip

Wear with bare legs or nude tights, a crop top, simple accessories and big sunglasses for a summery look. I would wear this to the beach, or on a trip to the park once the weather warms up, with some wedge sandals or simple ballet pumps. Just make sure to wear plenty of sunblock if you're as terribly pale as I am!

3. Casual Grunge

Finally, a more casual look. A too-big band t-shirt, tousled hair, dark lipstick and dark beads go nicely with this simple skirt for a slightly more feminine look than jeans or shorts. I would wear this with a leather jacket, black lace up boots and a couple more bracelets to go and see some my boyfriend's band play live, or for a casual day out when I don't want to feel too girly and dressy. 

How would you wear this skirt? Which of these looks is your favourite (mine is number two!)? Let me know below, as well as letting me know if you'd like to see more of these type of posts in the future :)

- Natalie XOX