Monday, 17 March 2014

New Look - Mini Accessories Haul

I know what you're thinking - isn't this girl on a #frugalmarch spending ban?! Well, you're right, I still absolutely am. However, I was lucky enough to win £30 worth of New Look gift cards in a FBL giveaway a few weeks ago, so I decided to treat myself a little when I was in town the other day. The shop had loads of things on sale so I was able to get much more than my £30's worth in the end! After lots of umming and ahhing, here's what I ended up with. 

The first thing I got was this gorgeous handbag. Originally £25, it was on sale for £17.99 and I knew straight away that I had to snap it up. The life of a university student can be rather hard on bags, and I have a terrible habit of overloading mine and putting way too much strain on the handles. It's cost me a couple of bags, so I'm slowly learning to prioritize what I need in my bag and use my backpack or my much loved vintage leather briefcase when I absolutely need the heavy things! This has plenty of room inside and a detachable long handle which clips on and off. With its lovely neutral colour palate I'm fairly sure this is going to become my new favourite handbag. 

Couldn't resist these beauties! They were originally £28 but were reduced to just £11, and more importantly, they were in my size! I'm a teeny size 3 foot, so I'm often quite limited in my choice of heels, and am therefore always extra happy when I find a pair I really love. These are black soft leather and they make me rather tall, but they're also pretty comfy to wear. I wore them out on Saturday last weekend when we went out dancing - not something I do very often, but I do like to once in a while. I ended up carrying them home after a slight overindulgence of the cheap magners on offer for St Patrick's Day weekend (whoops) but I'm very happy with them. 

Finally I decided to pick up some jewelry to make up the £30 budget I had. These rings were originally £4 each but both were reduced to half price, making them £4 for the two together instead. Would you believe these are actually the first rings I've ever owned? I've never been that into them really, and excepting wedding and engagement rings (*cough* which I unfortunately am not yet in possession of *cough*) I've never known anybody who wore them very often. Still, I figured I'd give it a go and I found these two that I really love. The blue one in particular is very striking, and I think they both look worth much more than what I paid for them. 

So that's it! I did toy with the idea of getting a new dress or top but I really wanted a new bag and then the rest just called out to me. What do you think of my purchases? Would you have bought similar things, or something completely different? Let me know below! 

- Natalie XOX

Note: These products were chosen and bought by me using vouchers won in a randomly chosen giveaway. This post was NOT sponsored by New Look or any other company. Any sponsorship in posts of this nature will be clearly flagged and made obvious to readers. Thanks for reading!