Monday, 31 March 2014

#FrugalMarch // Spending Ban Final Thoughts

Hello! It's the end of March today and officially the end of my spending ban :) I definitely found this challenge harder than I expected, but I'm proud of how much I stuck to it and feel like I really saved a little bit of money because of it. I've been visiting my family in Newcastle for mother's day this weekend, so I did buy a couple of little things to celebrate, especially since it's pay day weekend too ;)

Clockwise L-R:

  • This bunny is so fluffy it was unreal. Over the weekend I took my baby cousin to a petting zoo on a double decker bus (don't ask) and we had a lot of fun playing with the bunnies and chickens and baby lambs, they were all so cute and he loved them!
  • Have you checked out my swap post that I did with Taslima from The Little Things In Life yet? I'm really loving the Soap and Glory Gloss Stick and the Miss Sporty mascara in particular and have used them a lot this past week.
  • As some of you may know, I'm studying English at university but i'm also studying to become a TESOL teacher, and this week the Japanese students I've been teaching since Christmas headed back to Japan. I'm really going to miss them!
  • On that note, two of the girls that I was paired up with personally were nice enough to get me some final thank you gifts - I got some cards, some chocolate from Paris, a lovely silk makeup bag from Japan and some Japanese lollipops. I baked them some cake for them to take away with them as well, so hopefully they enjoyed that as much as I enjoyed their gifts.
  • And finally, have a selfie from the final day of Frugal March to wrap up this post with - my sister did my hair for me and I really liked how she did it looking so natural and casual, so I've taken some pointers from her re: my sadly underused curling iron. 
I'm happy that I undertook this challenge but also happy to be finishing it. I'm planning some really exciting things coming up on the blog very soon including some guest posts, a new Sewing Sundays feature starting next week and some product reviews, so watch this space! How was your weekend? 

- Natalie XOX