Saturday, 22 March 2014

#Frugal March // Spending Ban Week 3

Hey all, aren't we glad it's Saturday once again? I know I definitely am. This week's been another busy one, and unfortunately I've been quite under the weather for a good portion of it, so I've spent quite a bit of time at home doing work from the sofa curled in blankets! Aside from that though, I've been sticking to my spending ban pretty well this week, apart from one tiny slip up. My boyfriend was nice enough to treat me to some things - as much as I'd like us to, I can't make him stop spending as well, so I'm not going to complain! But aside from a takeaway and a bottle of wine, even he hasn't spent much, so we're still on track. Click the photo to see in full detail!

Clockwise from top right: 

  • Last weekend we had some friends over for some drinking and had a really good time. Nights out in this town are incredibly cheap, and I was lucky enough to have John pay for taxis, so it was pretty much guilt free. I had a lot of fun dressing up and dancing and spending time with friends <3
  • One thing I have been doing this week while I've been stuck at home is sorting out my clothes a little. Spring cleaning is coming up and I'm determined to donate some of the clothes I don't wear so I've been sorting out my dresses and 'going out' clothes when I found this dress I bought last year and have hardly ever worn. I love it and i'm going to try and wear it soon!
  • This is what I've probably been most excited about this week - I'm planning on getting a tattoo for my 21st birthday, and I had it drawn up this week! It's based on the poem 'Mother, Any Distance' by Simon Armitage and it'll be my first tattoo :) What do you think?
  • I've been at work again this week, we've had lots of recruitment activity going on and thankfully mostly quite nice weather for it. I took this photo on my way up to work at a horrendous 7.15am, which shouldn't be LEGAL on a Saturday, but never mind. Later this same day, it began to snow heavily and sleeted for almost an hour. Don't you just love British weather...
I hope you've all had a good week! Next week is my final week of this challenge and then in April I have an exciting new weekly feature coming up, so make sure you stick around to check that out :) 

- Natalie XOX