Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Acne Daily Skincare Routine

I've had bad skin for a very long time now, probably since about my first year of high school. I attempted to deal with it on my own for about two years, before finally giving up and going to the doctors aged 13 who told me that the horribly painful swellings on my face were not going to go away with just regular face washing, and began treating me for cystic acne. As if being 13 isn't hard enough anyway! At about 17 my skin finally seemed to calm down it's 5 year tantrum, unfortunately leaving me with quite a few scars, which knocked my confidence at the time but i've since accepted them as just another part of me.

Nowadays I have more good skin days than bad generally, but what I consider a good skin day is probably quite different to most other peoples. In the past year or two I've really had to start paying a lot of attention to my daily skincare to keep things within my control. The skin products I use are ones i'm comfortable with after a fair bit of trial and error, and what works for me won't necessarily be best for anybody else, but I thought I would share anyway!

Everyday face wash

I generally use Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash on a daily basis, which I first tried about a year ago now. It smells really fresh and clean and it's a gel-type formula so isn't too harsh or drying. My skin is a really annoying mixture of oily and really dry, and this is the first face wash I've tried in ages that satisfies both of those issues at once. My skin doesn't usually react well to ranges aimed specifically at acne prone skin (My rash inducing experiences with Clearasil left me very wary) so it's nice to see that the Visibly Clear range appears to be gentle and full of good stuff, yet still effective. 

Cleanser/ Make-Up Remover

I got a large bottle of Peaches and Clean 3-in-1 Wash Off Cleanser in a Soap and Glory gift set for Christmas this year and I swear, if they ever discontinue it I might just die because this is a revelation. This cleanser just melts away makeup in seconds and feels like a moisturizer going on, yet doesn't leave build-up behind and leaves skin feeling so clean. It's great for days when i've fallen asleep with makeup on (yes I know, but it happens to the best of us ;P) as well as just general everyday use. I'm going to re-buy this forever I think. 

Daily Moisturizer

Now this is one that isn't new to me - I've been using Nivea moisturizers of one sort or another since I can remember. I love their classic smell and they're great for sensitive skin because they're really gentle. Some can be a bit heavy, but Nivea Soft is really nice and refreshing, and sinks into my skin wonderfully without overwhelming it or leaving it too dry. It's cheap, yes, but it's lack of perfume and colour makes it perfect for easily irritated skin. 

Night Moisturizer

This fancy looking little pot is L'Occitane Creme Ultra Riche Visage, or ultra rich face cream to me and you. This is pretty much the direct opposite of Nivea Soft - it's definitely not cheap, it's not light and it feels seriously heavy duty when you slap it on, but oh my god is it worth it. The 25% shea butter formula glides on wonderfully after cleansing at night and leaves skin feeling plumped up, smooth and gorgeous in the morning. A little goes a long way and I was lucky enough to receive this as a gift, but even still, I think it'll be hard to find a reason not to replace this once I need some more. 

Exfoliating Scrub

I try and exfoliate at least once or twice a week to keep my skin under control, and Soap and Glory's Scrub Of Your Life is great for me. This isn't specifically marketed as a facial exfoliater, but it's quite gentle and has a lovely smell, so I really like it. Regular exfoliating isn't for everybody I know, but I like it as I feel like it makes my skin that bit less dull and much smoother. 

Face Masks

I have to admit, I've never really tried a wide range of face masks, but I do like the Montagne Jeunesse Mud Mask range. They're really good quality for money and the Blemish Mud and Virgin Olive masks in particular feel really luxurious and leave skin feeling silky smooth for a while after using. I would like to try some more, different face masks as well though, so if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you still suffer from acne, or is it something you left behind a while ago? How much attention do you pay to your skin on a daily basis? Do you have any must-use products for keeping skin healthy and happy? Let me know below! 

- Natalie XOX