Thursday, 6 February 2014

What I Wore - First Day Back at University

Hello all! Just a quick little post today before I have to dash off to my afternoon lectures. Today is the first day I'm back in actual lessons for my final semester of University before graduation in July. It is so weird to type that, wow. Although I don't really care what I throw on to work on my dissertation in the library (usually just leggings and whichever of my boyfriend's hoodies is closest on my way out of the door...heh), I always feel better in lectures and seminars when I'm reasonably put together and decent looking. I don't like to be too dressed up either though, so finding a happy medium is sometimes a bit of a challenge. 

This is pretty much what I wore today! Pictures are not exact because my blazer is thrifted (paid £1 in a charity shop for it) and I had to alter it slightly to make it fit me better, so it looks slightly different to the one pictured here. The necklace is thrifted (50p in a charity shop), and my vest top is from Primark, because I cannot justify paying more than £2 or so for something I lose and stain and rip so often. Seriously, I must have bought about 10 plain vest tops in the last year and I have maybe two of them left - what happens to them?! Skinny jeans are from New Look - I love their jeans and they fit me really well, which can be a struggle sometimes for somebody as short as I am. The other shop I find great is Topshop and their petite range, however they're usually a tad bit out of my price range. Shoes are from Primark as well, and my watch is Hip Hop brand in the colour Lavender Dream which was a gift from my nana last Christmas. I have issues with watches that don't have numbers on them, and this one is completely waterproof as well as being comfortable to wear and easy to read.

Hope you're all having a great Thursday! :)

- Natalie XOX