Sunday, 2 February 2014

Spring 2014 Fashion Trends: Sewing Inspiration

Spring 2014 Trends

These last few days have featured a plethora of posts on what are looking to be the most popular trends of Spring 2014, and some of them are looking really cute! I've decided to make a little post about my favourites, especially focusing on those which look the most wearable and give me the most inspiration in terms of upcyling and sewing. So! 

Cropped tops and jackets

I always think these are so adorable, and definite inspiration to keep up my all too infrequent gym sessions. I think converting a t-shirt to a crop top is a really easy project since there are so many ways to go with it. Ragged edges can work just as well as neatly hemmed and finished edges, and there are so many tutorials and ideas around that you can take inspiration from. Personally I'm thinking a cropped top in a plain pastel edged with some nice vintage lace. Cropped jackets may be a little more difficult to imitate in crafting, but I bet there's going to be plenty of cheap and lovely ones on the high street soon enough. 

Pastel and Leather

These go together so unexpectedly well, and I think a good amount of mixing pastels with darker leathers will work just as well as actual pastel shades of leather. Maybe even as simple as a pastel, flowery skirt made with a wide leather waistband as a great contrasting highlight. 


Beading, sequins, chunky crystals and all things sparkly were are all over lately it seems, and I am in LOVE. I'm tentatively dipping my toe into embellishing things by hand and although it takes an awfully long time, the payoff is really worth it. While i'm not quite ready to go the route of the above example and embellish an entire blouse, I do think I might have a go at maybe an embellished pocket or collar, with some nice big sparkly glass beads. 

Full skirts & Wide Trousers

While I'm at the gym worrying over my belly for my crop tops, at least I can rest happy in the knowledge that at least i'll be on trend not getting my legs out. I've only ever made one garment with leg holes, so making a pair of trousers is something I'm quite interested in working towards. Full skirts also aren't something i've ever really made (can we say 'pencil skirt obsession'?) but I love how they look and with the right fabric I think it could be a really exciting thing to do. 

Contrasting Collars

This I absolutely adore. It's different, it's easy, and it's incredibly wearable. White collars with simple block colours look dressy and classy, and other colours can be clashed together for a more casual and unusual look. I'm seeing a project in this maybe with two different thrifted shirts, cut up and remade together to make two very different tops. 

Spaghetti Strap Dresses

Finally, a really simple trend that on it's own seems a bit hard to pull off, but when put together with other items and accessories has real potential. Going back to my previous post on colour theory, I think this could be a great opportunity to put together a full single colour outfit, with a really simple dress over a shirt, with matching tights and shoes. 

So, those are just my top picks, I'm sure you all have your own favourites and own styles and of course it's important to decide what is going to work best for you. I'm going to try and really push myself this year in terms of learning more about sewing and dressmaking, and really take advantage of having a better sewing machine and some great reference books at my disposal. What about you, do you pay any attention to fashion trends by season, or is it just another article to skim through? Are you inspired to sew, craft and upcycle last years outfits by any of these trends? Let me know below! 

- Natalie XOX