Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Mini Haul: Bargain Lipstick, Books and Baby Gifts

Hello readers! 

The weather is ATROCIOUS here in Scarborough today, but I braved a little trip into town anyway so I thought I'd share some of the things I picked up with you all. For those of you who don't know, I live in a little seaside town on the north east coast of the UK, and since we live in a flat up on the cliffs it is perpetually windy all the time.

Now for those of you who may be slightly startled by the title, don't worry! I don't have any big news to announce! In fact, my adored baby cousin Oliver is turning two this Saturday, and since I can't be at home for his party I thought I'd get him some bits and bobs to send up in the post. He's so gorgeous, and I can't quite believe it's been two years now since he was born. I remember like it was yesterday, and not entirely for good reasons. I had horrific food poisoning and was terribly hungover, and so I spent the entire day he was being born sitting on the floor in my uni accommodation, throwing up and despairing when my mam called to say he'd finally arrived. Ahhh, to be a first year again. I got him a card and two cute little t-shirts to send up.

I also needed to pick up a book I'd ordered for University. We're studying 17th Century Literature this semester, which unfortunately means a hella lot of Milton, so I got myself a copy of Paradise Lost. I've read parts of this in the past but never actually studied it, so this should be 'interesting'...

Such fun times to be had

 I had to nip into Superdrug for some nail varnish remover, and I absolutely couldn't walk past the MUA stand without getting a few little goodies. They're so cheap and such good quality for the price, so I got some pressed powder, and two lipsticks, all for the amazingly good price of £1 each.

Shade 2 'Bare' and Shade 14

Shade 14 on the left, Shade 2 on the right
Feeling a tad bit windswept!
The nude shade is quite a peachy shade, almost a light brown sort of colour but with pink undertones, which I think will go really nicely with really big, dramatic eye makeup. My favourite is this little find though - Shade 2, which is a deep pink with tones of purple in it. This colour is one of my favourites in any of the lipsticks I own, it's really pigmented and different, but you can totally get away with it for a daytime look as well.

Powder is in Shade 1, which I am also wearing in the above photo

I'm currently working on a sewing project that I'm quite excited about right now, so there's a post coming soon about that! Tonight my boyfriend and I are off to see the comedian Ed Byrne at our local venue, and then on Friday we're going to Leeds for Valentines day and the rest of the weekend. We're going to a university open day, shopping, cinema and to meet up with some friends for dinner, so I'm looking forward to that quite a bit.

Are you doing anything nice for Valentines this year, or are you not bothered about it? Have you bought any MUA products lately, and what do you think of them? Hope you all have a wonderful week and a nice weekend, whatever you're doing :)

- Natalie XOX