Sunday, 16 February 2014

Hangover Self Care: Pampering, Pampering and More Pampering!

I'm back! We've had a lovely time this past weekend, and I got to do everything I wanted to do including: 
  • Meeting up with my best friend and her boyfriend for a meal and drinks. I haven't seen her since Christmas so it was great to have a good catch up.
  • Watching The Wolf of Wall Street at the cinema, which I really enjoyed although it was awfully long
  • Shopping! I got some daisy print leggings, some grey plimsolls and a cute onesie from Primark, some nice fabrics to make a spring dress from the local market, and some colourful lightning shaped fabric patches from H&M. 
  • Eating at some of our favourite places that don't have shops in our little town, including Barburrito and Nandos
And then when we got back last night, some of our friends and one of their friends came over for 'a few drinks' (which quickly turned into an awful lot of drinks), and although I've had a great couple of days, I woke up this morning feeling more than a little bit rough!

So, I thought today I'd do a little post about what I do to detox and chill when I've had a long couple of days and need to unwind. Click through for my five favourite forms of self care when i'm feeling rubbish!

1. Bathe

My first year at university, I didn't have a bath. When I found that out upon moving into my accommodation, I honestly almost cried because I absolutely LOVE bubble baths. I know it's a bit cheesy and overdone, but give me a hot bath and a few really good products to put in it, and i'm sold. I love Lush Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars, and most recently tried the Christmas Eve Big Night bubble bar, which is a special one only available around Christmas time. This is from only half a bar, it's really bubbly and smells gorgeous. I like a lot of other bubble bath products too, but I always find myself going back to Lush ones time after time. Saying that, there's no beating a bit of Radox after a hard gym session either...

Don't you just love my retro bright pink, blue and silver bathroom... not! Can't wait for a house I can actually decorate.

2. Catch up on neglected beauty routines

There are certain things I don't do half as often as I should in terms of self-care, so when I need to unwind I try to put some time aside to catch up on things that I've maybe been neglecting slightly. My hair, for example, doesn't always get the attention that it deserves, so I'll make sure to give it a really thorough, clean wash then slather it in a Tresemme deep conditioner masque and let it sit while I paint my nails. For others it might be a full body exfoliation, or paying attention to your legs and feet, or properly plucking/waxing your eyebrows. Whatever it is, take some time to do it and then relax in the satisfaction of a job well done :)

Happy hair after a long conditioning treatment

3. Read Something

I know what you're thinking - don't you read books all day every day for university, you silly woman? Well, yes, but despite all my complaining, I do LOVE to read still. I don't generally relax with a copy of Paradise Lost or Shakespeare's Sonnets though - sometimes it's nice to just sit back with something trashy, cheesy, childish, or completely fantasy based, to switch off and forget about the world for a couple of hours. I'm a massive ASOIAF nerd, and I love Young Adult novels, as well as just general adult fiction. The most recent non-university book I finished in my own time was When God Was A Rabbit, which I reviewed over on my other blog a while back :)

I'm also partial to a bit of Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging but shhh. Don't tell my stuff old literature lecturers that.

4. Eat something that you love to eat

Now this is really broad and different for everybody, but I'd wager almost everyone has that one food or type of food. The one you crave after a long day at work, or wish somebody would bring to you when you're sick. Whether it's desperately unhealthy or the kind of thing you'd be happy to take to the gym with you, go and make it and enjoy it. Or even better in a perfect world, get someone else to make it for you while you leisurely paint your nails and ignore your responsibilities for a short hour or two. My go-to comfort food is a bit odd... crisp sandwiches! Simple buttered white bread and ready salted crisps (or potato chips for lovely american readers). It's not for everyone i'll admit, but it's a little piece of carb-filled heaven for me.

It can't just be me surely? Does anyone else have a hidden love for these?

5. Sing, dance and generally annoy those around you with sound and movement

Music is probably second only to reading/writing on my list of things I'm passionate about, which is pretty lucky because with a musician boyfriend, it's rare that there's not music of some sort on in our house. My music taste is notoriously broad, to the point where having my spotify on random can become somewhat of a dangerous activity - according to my recent history, even just while writing this post alone i've listened to a mixture of The Lion King, Meatloaf, Rammstein, Glee, S Club 7, Fun., Joni Mitchell, Boney M, and Queen. Yeah, I know. No, I don't care. It all makes me happy in one way or another whether it be to listen to, sing to or dance to, and that's all that should matter.
I'd be lying through my teeth if I said I'd never cranked up the music in my empty lounge and pretended to be on Strictly... Who didn't have a massive crush on Aliaz this year though, honestly ;)

There are loads and loads more ways to look after yourself and your own general happiness of course, so these are just my own personal favourites for those days when you just can't be arsed with a 3 mile run, or a homemade smoothie, or a bikram yoga session. What about you readers, how do you look after yourself when you're feeling under the weather? Are you more sensible than me and deal with hangovers by just avoiding them in the first place, or do you have self-care routines in place to cheer yourself up as well? Let me know below!

- Natalie XOX