Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Graduation Style Inspiration from Fanny Crown Paris + Money Off!

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I'm having trouble coming to terms with the fact that it's already February. The year has flown by so far, and as the days begin to get longer and longer (and my dissertation gets a little more finished each day!), I can tell it's really not going to be very long until summer arrives and with it, Graduation day in July. John already has his lovely suit sorted out but I've been struggling with what I want to wear. I wanted something stylish that could take me easily from the morning ceremony to the evening party, with time for a semi-formal lunch in-between with my family and classmates. Add this to the fact that it's likely to be rather warm outside, I'm going to be taking quite a few photographs, and I want something that will look good next to John's dark grey and black suit, and I was having a fair bit of trouble. 

So, I did what I usually do when I'm stuck for ideas on what to wear - Polyvore mood board! This board is based around this beautiful dress from Fanny Crown Paris, described as a 'mid-long regency evening dress' on their website. It sells for £108.29, and although that is a bit more than I would usually pay for an off the peg garment, this dress comes custom fitted to your own measurements, which is well worth that amount I think. The rest of the site has some absolutely gorgeous floor-length dresses as well as more cocktail and evening dresses, so if there's an occasion coming up that you're also dress-hunting for then I'd reccomend giving them a quick look.

I chose this dress in particular as I really adore the colour. I think dark purple goes really well with my pale skin without washing me out, and it's really easy to accessorize with. The other main thing that jumped out at me is the draping on the bodice and skirt. I am so into draping lately, it is just so flattering and really shows off a level of craft and effort that you just don't see everywhere. The board I put together pairs it with silver shoes, a sparkly bag and a simple jeweled bracelet, just to contrast the darkness of the dress and bring out a slightly higher level of formality. The deep purple nail polish matches the dress nicely, while the otherwise neutral makeup makes it a really versatile look that can go from day to evening quite easily.

Here's a not-so fun fact about me: I never had a prom! My high school leaving prom was cancelled due to lack of interest, and I attended a local college from 16-18 who didn't have leaving balls or anything as a general rule. I've attended formal parties as part of my job and university experience since (such as last year when I was nominated for an award by my university, which was especially nice to attend), but my graduation day will be the first time I've ever really had a celebration for finishing a part of my education. I am also turning 21 just two weeks before graduation and hopefully moving to another city to the place I'll be studying my Master's degree at the week before, so this summer really is going to be one to celebrate for me.

What do you think of this look, is it something you would wear, or would you prefer something more or less formal? What did you wear for your prom or graduation ceremonies? Let me know below!

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- Natalie XOX