Monday, 10 February 2014

February Beauty Wishlist

This is a rather self-indulgent post going through just a couple of beauty items that I have my eye on! I'm on quite a harsh budget this month, as I think a lot of us are - personally, my bank balance still isn't speaking to me after the January sales madness. We have a complicated relationship, my money and I. So, until payday, I'll be quietly coveting these lovely, excellent value for money items from afar and planning which ones I'll be buying ASAP.

Sleek MakeUPs 7 Piece Brush Set, £12.99 at Boots

My current makeup brushes are mismatched and a bit past their best, and these look perfect with a neat little carry case to keep them safe and all together. Plus would you believe I don't own a single lip brush! Not good. I've heard really good things about Sleek and I've never tried any of their makeup or makeup tools, so it'll be nice to see what they're like. 

Natural Collection Pressed Powder in Cool, £2.99 at Boots

I've tried many other powders in my time and I keep returning to this cheap and cheerful one from Boot's natural collection. It matches my skin tone perfectly, it stays matte for a good long time, it doesn't clog or feel heavy on my skin, and it costs less than a boots meal deal. I don't really know what else I could ask for! I'm almost out of my current one, so I'll be replacing this soon.

Sleek Brow Kit, £8.49 at Boots

I have quite sparse eyebrows (due to some serious over-plucking when I was about 13 - be warned! It does happen!) and while I do use an eyebrow pencil at the moment, this little kit is something a bit different and it looks like it could be really useful. It includes a shaping wax, setting powder and little mini tweezers with some cute little brushes, and looks to be the perfect size for fitting into my makeup bag.

Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme Lipstick, RRP £13.50 but now £1.99 on Fragrance Direct!

Not going to lie, this lipstick has been calling my name since I saw it on Fragrance Direct a few days ago. I love the other Calvin Klein lipstick I own, and these are reduced so much right now that I can't imagine they'd be anything other than amazing value for money. Definitely going to go and order one (or two, or four) of these pretty soon!

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint in Fair, £5.49 at Boots

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Since my lovely and much adored Dainty Doll concealer has been discontinued (Whyyyyy oh whyyyyy) I've been on the lookout for a new one, and this has caught my eye. Let's be honest: my skin has issues, ranging from facial scars, to cystic acne, to seriously dark under eyes in the mornings, and I need a concealer which can deal with it all properly and sensibly. This looks like it could be the one for me, and I can't wait to try it out the next time I'm passing a store with it in.

What do you have your eye on currently? Have you tried any of the products listed here, and if so, what did you think of them? Let me know below! 

- Natalie XOX