Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Sewing for Decoration: Cross Stitch

So I've talked a bit about knitting and I thought I'd mention some of the other creative things I enjoy doing related to hand sewing for decorative purposes, namely cross stitching :)

I first learned cross stitching when I was about 10 as part of a school art project, and then lost interested until about three years ago when I got back into it. Now I LOVE it, and I run an etsy store where I sell my own designs of digital patterns and framed pictures (you can check it out here if you fancy it!). I really enjoy making patterns and stitching them myself, but also stitching patterns made by other talented people. I've made things as gifts, sold a few pieces and I sell a nice steady amount of patterns every month, mostly Pokemon and rap lyric themed ones to be honest haha.

I think it's a really relaxing hobby, it's quite repetitive and keeps my hands busy without needing too much concentration. Anything I can do whilst watching Netflix/listening to my driving lesson audio-books/reading boring journals for my dissertation work at the same time is fine by me, and people always seem to really like the things I make for them, so that makes me happy as well.

There are some examples of things I've made on my etsy shop, but here are some more that aren't up there as well if you want to have a mosey through:

Doctor Who: pattern of my own design. This was a gift for my cousin and i've sold a few more as custom order since making this one. I personally love them :)

Doctor Who: pattern courtesy of the wonderful Nicci over at pixystitches. This lives on my mantelpiece in the living room.

General: pattern of my own design, made up of cross stitch and other types of embroidery as well. This was a Christmas gift for my nana.

Doctor Who: pattern of my own design. This is a wall hanging I made a few years ago. It was actually one of the first things I made when I opened my etsy shop!

General: pattern of my own design. This was a thank you gift for my grandparents - I actually can't remember what for, that's probably really rude isn't oh my gosh haha.

General: pattern of my own design. This was ordered as a Christmas gift by a girl I work with for her boyfriend. He calls her lion and she calls him moose, so she wanted a handmade gift to capture that. She seemed to like it! 

Game of Thrones: pattern of my own design. I made this last year and it's still one of my favourite stitches I've ever done. The letters are all dodgy and the deer looks kind of chubby but I loved making it and since it sold on my etsy store pretty quickly, it seems someone else loved it too!

I see cross stitch as something completely separate from my other hobbies and I think I'll probably always do it as just a form of stress relief even if for no other reason. Making patterns is fun and makes a teeny tiny bit of money though, so I hope I can carry on making and selling those for a while yet. How about you all, have you ever tried cross stitching? What do you think of it?