Wednesday, 15 January 2014

My Sewing Machine + Storage Solutions

Since first starting this blog I've updated the things I use a little, most notably my sewing machine.

My original model gave up on me last year and left me without one for quite a while. Then in November of last year I was lucky enough to be gifted a machine that used to belong to my Great-Auntie Maureen who sadly passed away a few years ago. Maureen was a wonderful seamstress and used to make everyone in the family curtains and tablecloths and quilts, as well as altering an awful lot of dresses and knitting a lot of jumpers. Her machine had been sitting in my auntie vicky's attic since her death, and when she found out I was in need of one she was kind enough to give me (well, long-term loan me) this gorgeous Singer Tempo 50.

It's obviously vintage and certainly not the lightest machine ever, but it runs like a dream and can deal with some really heavy duty stitching as well as more delicate work with ease. It came with spare metal bobbins and a leather dust cover, and the arm is removable for stitching sleeves and narrow openings which is so convenient I don't know how I managed beforehand. I actually love it so much and I'm so thankful to be able to take care of it in my wonderful great-aunt's memory.

I also recently found myself in need of a much better organisation system for all of my fabrics, trimmings, threads, wool, cross stitch equipment, paper crafts... the list goes on and on. I already had one large hamper style box for fabrics and a gorgeous Ted Baker bag for my knitting equipment, then my family got me these lovely boxes for Christmas as well to help contain all of it.

This pretty owl guy holds my threads, needles, machine replacement parts, pins and tape measures.

This lovely handmade box holds assorted buttons, lengths of lace and vintage trimmings, ribbons and beads. Isn't it gorgeous!

And finally this little guy! No matter how many pincushions I have I always need more, so my mam bought me a make-your-own kit for christmas which I promptly sewed up on boxing day and fell in love with. He's adorbs.

My partner and I also reorganized the living and dining area to make more room for our things once we took down the Christmas tree, so everything feels much more organised and tidy. I always feel like I make better crafts when I'm not worrying where things are or panicking about what a mess I'm creating. What about you? Do you work best in a messy, wild, creative environment, or do you find enjoyment in organising and keeping things in nice storage? Let me know in the comments :)

- Natalie xox