Monday, 20 January 2014

Knitting - hats, scarves and other madness

I've been knitting for longer than I've been sewing, believe it or not. I'm not very fast and i'm no good at delicate stitches that require a lot of counting and precision (I knitted a cable ONCE and could never do it again. Whoops), but I make a pretty decent basic hat and scarf, so I thought I'd share a few that I've made with you. Most have been made for other people as gifts and/or requests, although once in a blue moon I do manage to make something that I can keep for myself.

I made FOUR of these hats in various colours for various friends and family members this Christmas. They're very warm, very quick to make and very easy to customize, so I do enjoy making them. 

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This is technically crocheted, but I thought i'd back it in here anyway. It's a wool version of the Friends of the ABC rosette from the film/book/musical Les Miserables. I made three of these for myself and two of my friends to wear to the cinema when we first went to see the film. The button in the centre is vintage brass from an old army jacket :)

This is about 1/3 of the final length of this scarf, a gift for my grandad. It's knitted using lambswool in a simple garter stitch, so it's very soft and flexible to wear. It took me bloody forever to finish. 

I don't actually have a finished picture of this scarf funnily enough! This one I kept for myself as I loved the wool far too much to give it away. It's super chunky and hand-dyed and it's soooo warm. It's my go-to scarf on windy days by the sea. 

This is my very recent first attempt at knitting socks! It was easier than I expected actually, I was dubious about turning the heel but I muddled through and it turned out quite well in the end. They make pretty decent bedsocks, which is handy when your feet get as cold as mine do. Seriously, I all but live in slippers and slipper socks. I'm looking forward to learning new ways of making these differently in the future. 

Do any of you reading this knit or crochet? Do you find it harder than sewing, or are you more at home with wool and blunted needles? Let me know below!

- Natalie xox