Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Sewing Inspiration: Pintrest Round-Up

As I trawl around the internet I always inevitably come across things that I adore and want to sew, or at least put aside for future reference when I can hopefully sew much better. Since I have a terrible habit of having a million and one Chrome bookmarks, I finally found a better way of organizing some of my thoughts and keeping them all in one place: Pintrest! If you're interested, my sewing board can be found here and I also have a few others for various different things. 

Some of my recent pins, links to free patterns/tutorials can be found on my Pintrest. I especially love the bloomers and chemise, I think they'll look lovely in matching blue silk with light blue lace detailing. I should probably work on learning how to do pin-tucks soon... 

I'm currently working on refashioning a dress which should hopefully be finished sometime soon, at which point I'll be sure to show it off on here! - Natalie xox