Saturday, 29 June 2013

Dress Refashion - Modernizing an out of date style

This dress came into my possession a few weeks ago... long poofy sleeves, a seriously unflattering waist and a super low hemline that dipped low at the back (half-pinned up in this photo because I forgot to take a picture at the start haha, fail). Needless to say, not exactly my sort of thing. I did like the colour though, and the pin-tucks on front were quite nice, so I decided to save it as much as possible... and this is what I came up with! 

 Shortened the hemline by approx. 5 inches and made it uniform all the way around, took off the sleeves entirely and added some lace detailing to the pocket flaps. I also added tiny belt loops to the waist so I could add a belt, which I think changes how it looks entirely. I was going to replace the buttons with darker coloured ones, but I decided against it. What do you think? I'm happy with it :)

- Natalie xox