Thursday, 30 May 2013

T-Shirt Refashion - Vest Top

I really like big baggy tank tops for going to the gym in and just generally lounging around the house in, but it seemed like something I could do quite easily myself. After poking around on Pintrest for a while I read a few tutorials and decided to give it a go.


  • 1 large baggy T shirt that you don't mind cutting into
  • 1 pair of good scissors
  • 1 needle and thread

The town I live in has some of the best charity shops I've ever seen, and after a quick shopping spree I managed to pick up 3 different men's t shirts in large sizes for under £5 total. I'll be using the other two for different projects, so pretty good value all things considered! The shirt used for this project was originally from Next and was size XL... eek. It's important that the shirt is quite big on you though, as it gets pulled in a lot width-ways whilst making this top. I chose this particular one as I really liked the colour and the design was interesting.

 First off, try on the shirt and check that the length is okay. I was happy with mine, so I left that as it was. Then take it off, turn it inside out and spread it out on a flat surface (a bed or clean floor is fine).

Basically you want to cut off the sleeves to create new armholes that go further down your body than the original ones, and also cut a new neckline. I wasn't overly neat about this and mostly did it by eye, then neatened it up later as was needed.

To create the 'racer-back' effect I cut a rectangle of fabric out of one of the discarded sleeves and sewed it into a small tube, about an inch thick and two inches wide. Then, turning the shirt over to the back, grab the armholes and gather the back fabric in-between your hands, then wrap the tube you just created around the gathered material and secure with a few stitches.

Check for any jagged edges, uneven lines and neaten as needed, and you're done! I didn't think it was necessary to hem the cut edges of this as the t shirt fabric rolls over on itself easily and gives the shirt a more casual look. However if I had decided to make the entire shirt shorter by cutting the bottom edge I would probably have hemmed that.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Natalie xox