Sunday, 2 June 2013

T-shirt Refashion - Fitted shirt with detachable collar

The second T-Shirt I bought was plain, and it was also a little smaller fitting than the other two, although still too large and unflattering to wear without altering.

I decided I would keep this one simple and make the shirt itself more fitted to my size, and keep the high neckline in order to wear it with some of the cute collar necklaces I keep seeing in shops lately.

This shirt was originally a men's size Large from Topshop and cost £3 in a charity shop. The collar was entirely handmade from some leftover cotton I had in my scraps bag.


1 Large Men's T-shirt
Sewing Machine/Needle and Thread

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First, turn your shirt inside out and spread it out on a flat surface. Get your chalk and mark out the following lines: 

If you want it to fit exactly then measure your body and draw the lines exactly, I wasn't too bothered though and did it by eye, and it fitted nicely at the end. What I would recommend is pinning the shirt together along these lines and trying it on inside out before you sew anything, just to make sure you haven't made it so small it's hard to get on and off. 

Next step is to sew along these lines, preferably with a sewing machine to make it more secure. Backstitch over seams to make sure nothing is going to come apart once it's worn. Once this is done, try it on again to be sure you are happy with it. It's easy enough to unpick a seam and sew it up in a different place, but once you've cut it up it's much more difficult to undo. 

If you're happy with the fit, with the shirt inside out, cut off the excess fabric and neaten seams by ironing them flat. 

Much smaller, as you can see! To make the collar I followed this tutorial by Kawaii DIY but made a few small adjustments. I wanted a more rounded collar so I made two separate pieces and attached them together with some spare ribbon, then added a hook and eye clasp at the front to keep it together. Here's a couple of pictures to show you exactly what I mean: 

As I said though, I'm also planning to wear this top with some cute necklaces and other styles of collar. 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! 

Natalie xox